VATS Decortication Set-Up

Bed Position

Table with bean bag – draw sheet under, regular sheet over

Bed Position – slide to head

Arm board, and right angle arm board bracket on lower rail

Suction tubing for the bean bag

Neptune suction on highest setting


Double lumen tube, or bronchial blocker

Bronchoscope – GlideScope

+/- Arterial Line



Scope – 10mm 30 degree ( have 5mm 30 degree in room)

Ports – 12mm X 3

CO2 tubing

Standard suction tubing and yankauer

Suction irrigator with irrigation set up

Maryland Grasper

Wavy Grasper

10mm Metal Suction

Thoramets Set

Sponge stick without sponge

Curettes – in the room, don’t open

Pleurevac canisters – one double, one single

Culture tube


0 Vicryl UR 6

0 Silk chest tube stitches X 3

4-0 Monocryl X 2


Chest Tubes

32 straight

32 bent

24 Blake – need 5:1 connector

Chest Tube Dressings

4X4 gauze

Medipore Tape