Training Introduction

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Welcome to the Rapidtrainer Cardiothoracic Surgery Training website.  This website was created to help train anyone involved in caring for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgical patients.


This project first started by taking pictures and videos of some very technical parts of surgery that are difficult to learn. Over the years, this has grown into a larger project of training OR Nurses, Floor Nurses, and Residents on multiple aspects of caring for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgical patients.


As we all learn in different ways, Video, Figures, Audio, and Text are all used so the learner can get the fastest and most rapid learning possible.

Sample Video


How to Use it?

Go to the website and access the training area you want  on your computer, phone, or iPad.  Then:

  1. View the Videos
  2. Study the Figures
  3. Listen to the Audio
  4. Read the Text

Then Repeat it as often as you need!

Good luck, and thank you for taking such great care of our patients!