Intra-aortic Balloon Pump Placement

Steps for Placement of an Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)

Calls to make: Respiratory therapist/pump tech

Equipment to collect: Balloon Pump Kit(40mL or 50mL), Console(Respiratory therapist will bring this), Micropuncture kit, 9fr sheath, Ultrasound

Assistant: Open IABP kit, and Micropuncture kit

Balloon Pump Kit

both trays


Micropuncture Kit

Micropuncture kit


Obtain Femoral Access

Assistant: Pass micro puncture kit, IABP guide wire, 9fr sheath, 11blade, guide wire from IABP Kit (pink tip) – may need to use Lunderquist guide wire

Surgeon:  Obtain femoral access with Micropuncture kit, inserts sheath, long guidewire, Balloon Pump Catheter, if stiffer long guide wire needed – use a Lunderquist (get size)

Prepare IABP

Steps for removal of the Balloon Catheter from the tray are listed and displayed in picture below.

A. Connect syringe to One-way-valve and aspirate

B. Detach syringe from One-way-valve, leave One-way-valve connected to IABP catheter.

instructions for opening balloon


One-Way-Valve Aspiration

Balloon Pump Set up syringe aspirated labels.1


Assistant: Place One-way-Valve (already on the syringe), onto Balloon Catheter aspirate the syringe removing any trapped air

Disconnect Syringe

balloon tray 2

Assistant: Disconnect the syringe from the One-Way-Valve, leaving One-Way-Valve on the Balloon pump white connector (arrow).

Remove Device from Tray

balloon with one way valve removed from tray

Assistant: Remove Balloon Catheter from tray, leaving Blue Sheath on Balloon, and One-Way-Valve connected

need Picture of IABP with Blue Sheath removed

Assistant: Remove balloon portion of the catheter from blue holder by pulling blue plastic cover off.

Surgeon: Inserts Balloon Catheter, keeping One-Way-Valve connected during insertion.

Once inserted, remove One-Way-Valve and connect to the tubing in second tray.  Pass to the Respiratory Therapist, the tubing and the orange cable and connect to Console.

Orange Cable

balloon without one way valve connected to tubing


Secure Balloon Catheter to the skin with silk sutures.