Temporary Pacemaker – Instructions and Trouble Shooting

How to begin pacing a patient that is not currently attached to a temporary pacemaker – How I do it

  1. Obtain Temporary Pacemaker Box
  2. Turn on Pacemaker Box and begin pacing at desired rate
  3. Obtain Temporary Pacing Cables
  4. Expose and prepare the patient’s Temporary Pacer Wires
  5. Attach Temporary Pacer Wires to Cables
  6. Attach Cables to Pacemaker Box
  7. Verify patient is now being paced and that there is capture

Trouble Shooting – How I do it

  1. Pacemaker not capturing
    1. check that wires are attached to cables, and cables to box
    2. Reverse polarity of wires in Cable connector
    3. Turn up the output on the Pacemaker Box
    4. Replace battery
    5. Assess patient’s rhythm – a rhythm such as atrial fibrillation may not capture well.


Video Instructions on How to Attach a Patient to a Temporary Pacemaker