Thoracic Spine Exposure

Thoracotomy for Spine Exposure

Set-Up and Supplies

Single lumen tube

Left side up – no bean bag


Thoracotomy tray

Rib cutter/box cutter

Long Cautery tip

Rib spreader retractor

Omni retractor – with radio opaque blades

Medium and Large clips with long appliers

Andrew Morris suction

Long right angle – fine tip


0 prolene CT-2 X 4

#1 Ethibond Excel CTX (pop-off pack)

0 Vicryl CT-1 X 3

0 PDS looped TP1 X 1

2-0 Silk ties

0 Silk Chest tube suture X 1

Chest Tube

24 fr Blake chest tube X 1

Pleurevac canister X 1

Rundall gloves:

8 1/2 blue

8 Biogel PI micro

Patient position set up marking.spine exposure

Spine exposure open.1