Thoracic Spine Exposure

Thoracic Spine Exposure


Thoracotomy tray, rib tray, cautery extension, chest retractor/rib spreader, Omni retractor, small and medium clips with long appliers, pediatric metal tip suction, long meeker, 0 prolene with pledgets, #1 Ticron, heavy vicryl, 0 looped Maxon, 32fr chest tube, 0-silk suture for chest tubes and for a diaphragm retraction stitch, 2-0 silk ties – long, blanket in plastic bag.

Patient position set up marking.spine exposure

Spine exposure open.1



Set up

Right radial A-line

Head of bed to Right side of room

Head at top of bed, then even a little higher

Shoulder roll

ETT to R side of mouth, turn head slightly to Right

Prep entire chest – do not shave entire chest



Suction bovie – set at 20, pedal at r foot

3 biopsy forceps – small, usually use 2 working at once



Pathology – take down and receive verbal confirmation that specimen is received and adequate

Cultures – Don’t ever forget to to do cultures! – AFB, gram stain, fungal, aerobic/anaerobic