How to make the Atrial Fibrillation Call

When a patient has a new finding of atrial Fibrillation (Afib), or if chronic atrial fibrillation is now not controlled, generally notifying the provider is required.  When making the call, you will need to provide several data points to determine what treatment will be necessary.  Being prepared is key to helping this patient!  The following is a list of what is needed, and we call it The Afib Package.

The Afib Package

  1. HR – current and prior to onset of afib
  2. Blood Pressure – current and prior to onset of afib
  3. SaO2 and O2 setting
  4. Symptoms
  5. Change in mentation
  6. Medications/drips
  7. Does patient have a history of afib
  8. Is the Cardiology team already involved
  9. Any other relevant findings you feel need to be reported